Pick-your-print ironing board cover

My ironing board cover has been looking pretty tired (read: covered in burn marks and holes!) and so it was an easy midweek project to update it.

You can buy a replacement piece of heat-proof wadding / felt from any basic home store. Through sheer laziness I got mine on Amazon and had it delivered to my door! 

First class stamp printed cotton fabric

Strip off the old cover, draw around the ironing board upside-down on your felt and cut out with a 1 cm margin for it to hug around the edges. Now you can use this felt as a template to cut out your cover. I picked a thick 100% cotton in a stamp print by Rose & Hubble, which I really love! Leave yourself a 3-5 cm  margin on the fabric itself to fold over, and a 1.5 cm seam allowance on top of that.

DIY ironing board cover in printed cotton
MY HACK 1: The button-hole foot!

I used a simple matching cord in a folded over hem to "gather" the edge of my new cover. I hate, hate, hate spending hours pulling a cord or elastic through its channel using a safety pin (inevitably losing the end and starting all over again, several times, full of expletives)... so the trick is just to pin it in place as you pin the folded hem! But first, I really recommend you use your buttonhole to create a nice, reinforced exit for the two ends of your cord at the centre end edge. If you place another square of fabric underneath it will be even stronger.

DIY ironing board cover in printed cotton with ties


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