Another copycat: playing with lining and facing

Not to bore you with one style, but I made up the Copycat dress in another fabric. This was a lovely mink colour from Minerva Fabrics. This is the closet I have found to the original colour and texture my sister bought this dress in.

It was a really lovely fabric to work with, with a lovely drape and a bit of a peach-skin finish. It didn't fray or crease too badly.
More out of laziness than anything else (I didn't have the right length of zip at home), I ended up lowering the zip edge down and having the top few inches closed at the top by a button and loop (button from Liberty), which I really like in the end. I used some beautiful faceted sew-on embellishments at the shoulder.

Liberty button and handmade loop sewing dress

MY HACK 1: Line the front bodice only.

I cut lining for the front bodice and sewed a simple facing for the back bodice, to finish the neckline nicely, then left the skirt unlined, as this is a medium weight fabric with good opacity.

Sewing neckline facing

MY HACK 2: Ribbon binding.

Instead of using bias binding, I used a beautiful ribbon from Maculloch & Wallis to bind the armholes. This was easy to apply. In order to make sure the hems don't stretch out of shape, it is important to measure the length of ribbon off the original pattern (make sure you exclude the seam allowance) and then ease the fabric into that length. It takes a bit of fiddling before you can start stitching, but is worth it for a good finish.

Overall I ended up quite pleased with this.

Copycat sewing self drafted draped dress

Copycat sewing self drafted draped dress shoulder detail


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