Simple stash organisation

Sewing: Finally finding a way to organise an expanding fabric stash.
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Today I am doing something that really needed doing, inspired by Jo of The Last Stitch, which is an amazing sewing blog. She recently posted a downloadable template for organising your stash. And mine sure does need organising...

I have been holding onto a beautiful embroidered notebook, given to me by a friend a Christmas or so ago, with the vague thought that I might one day turn it into a neat, organised and portable stash inventory. Today was the day!

I must point out that this notebook was carefully embroidered by none other than Paperchase, not myself or a crafty friend (a project for another day!). They tend do these in different sizes and with different themes each season.

Because I was using this specific book, I didn't use Jo's own templates. But I did use them as excellent inspiration to whip up my own, which is fairly easy to do if you have some basic Microsoft Office skills.

You could include whatever information you would find useful. I particularly need to try and keep track of which fabrics I have already pre-washed and pressed, and which still need this before they can be used.

I made my template in two different sizes, to keep things interesting, avoid all the fabrics pieces lying directly on top of each other (a potential problem as the notebook gets full!) and to allow me to include even small-ish scraps.
I tend to find it easiest to use double-sided tape, rather than glue, to mount fabric pieces. You can write any important notes about a particular fabric, like whether it has stretch, frayed badly or washed well. And the remaining length can be added in after you use some up on a project.

I decided I would also use the smaller panels to keep a record of interesting fabric swatches and samples that I have collected, in case I find inspiration in them at a later date and want to remember where they are from. In this case, I have written "Sample only" in pencil on the size line, so that I can change this if I (let myself) buy some at a later date...

I won't bother cataloguing boring things this way (lining, interfacing, binding etc.), but keep a tally of these things on a separate sheet to help me keep a little stock of each. That way, my stash organiser will hopefully fill up to become a beautiful, permanent record of some of the fabrics that have caught my eye and made it into projects.


  1. Beautiful idea and a beautiful blog design! Thank you for sharing.