Two quick edits for the In-Flight Bag

The creative process is sometimes refining and improving... so after several short-haul trips to try out his new in-flight bag, the boyfriend gave me his professional opinion (!) on it, including a couple of requests I thought I could add in for him without many problems. So here are some extras you might want to think of!

EDIT 2: Double up your twill tape.

I used a black twill tape for the straps, which is good at taking weight and does not stretch, but was being crushed while carried, causing the straps to look quite unsightly. So I have doubled up the twill by placing a second layer over the straps, anchoring firmly at the ends onto the main fabric of the bag and then edge stitching along both sides to join the two layers together.

EDIT 2: Magnetic closure(s).

The top of the original bag was open, making it easy to slip things in and out, but he wanted an easy closure to keep things from wiggling their way out if the bag leant over when shoved "under the seat in front of you".

I found this awesome magnetic sheet at a recent craft fair, something I had weirdly little success sourcing online?! It handles and can be marked and cut like leather or thick denim, making it pretty easy to work with.

I cut two narrow panels of this 1cm wide, to slip under the top fold-over hems (which I unpicked just between the straps on each side).

I marked the centre and then the space between the legs of a small, magnetic closure for a slightly stronger hold right in the middle of the top edges. It is really easy to then cut a little slice in the magnetic sheet for the legs to pass through.

Placing the magnetic strip under the hem, it forms a reinforced layer to push the closure legs through, much like having reinforced the fabric with a stabiliser or interfacing, but with the additional benefit that this soft magnetic strip holds the edges gently but neatly closed along a wider length than the closure alone would. It also gives the edge some structure, making it easier to handle when closing and opening the central closure. Make sense?

It is best to the press the legs outwards in order to avoid bulk under the round closure.

Then, using a jeans needle in my machine so that I could catch both fabric sides and the magnetic strip, I re-stitched the hem along the unpicked length.

Ta daaaa!


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