Swedish Christmas Knäck

Edible: Knäck is a Swedish Christmas toffee that is dangerously easy to make at home.
After my saintly take on cinnamon rolls recently, here is another amazing Swedish recipe... with absolutely nothing saintly about it.

Knäck sort of translates to "crack" or "crackle". This semi-hard toffee takes no time at all to make in your own kitchen and is incredibly moreish... please consume responsibly!!

The recipe below makes about 70 small bitesize toffees. It does involve boiling sugar, so is probably not one to get the little ones involved with....


3 dl whipping (full fat) cream
4dl caster sugar
4dl inverted sugar syrup
3 tablespoons butter
150g finely chopped almonds


Lay out approxiately 70 small paper cases on a covered tray or table.

Empty the cream, syrup and caster sugar into a large saucepan and heat, ideally guided by a jam thermometer. You need to let the sugar dissolve and then carefully bring the mixture up to 124 degrees C in order to produce a toffee, stirring all the time.

Check when the toffee is ready by dropping some onto a chilled plate or into a glass of cold water, to see if it hardens. 

Once ready, add the butter and chopped almonds and stir through thoroughly. Then work quickly to fill the paper cases with the mixture before it cools and hardens in the pan.

Leave the cases to cool completely before eating. You can clean the pan by filling with water and gently bringing to the boil to dissolve all the toffee stuck to the inside. 

 Resist the temptation to try the toffee while still warm - it is much hotter than you think!!


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